SD-WAN secure intelligent simplified network,
assisting digital intelligence of automobile enterprises
High-quality bandwidth transmission,low latency, automatic operation and maintenance.
Program overview
Digital education network solutions

At present, systems such as steady-state application systems, sensitive-state application systems, and crash tests/intelligent supercomputing systems in the automotive industry have high requirements for networks. Deploying SD-WAN can allocate different bandwidths for different services. When link congestion is supported, the bandwidth of each service can be guaranteed according to the allocation ratio, and the quality of key applications of car companies can be guaranteed.

Program features
  • High-quality data transmission
    SD-WAN supports the management of multiple quality lines, rapid deployment, and intelligent route selection, allowing car companies to experience high-speed, stable, and smooth data interconnection among multiple branches.
  • Ensure business continuity
    Integrate multiple WAN side line types such as MSTP, MPLS, and Internet, increase network redundancy, improve network reliability, and ensure business continuity for car companies.
  • Reduce the difficulty of IT operation and maintenance
    use the intelligent cloud central control platform for unified management and configuration, realize visual network operation and maintenance management, monitor and view network dynamics in real time, and improve IT management efficiency.
Solution architecture
Program value
  • 80% increase
    bandwidth utilization
  • Up to 99.99%
    Backbone Network Availability
  • 30% increase
    Multi-cloud management efficiency
  • 65% reduction
    operating cost
Benchmarking cases
BYD-Fnetlink Century Benchmark Case
Big data analysis takes up a lot of real-time traffic. Various data simulations generate a large amount of data and require high bandwidth. Need to access ERP and SAP applications on the cloud. Highly available link quality cannot be guaranteed.
  • Trust
    Huawei's preferred MSP
  • Major
    Many to one system
  • Hassel free
    Exclusive Engineer Services
  • Standardization
    One-stop implementation services
  • Intellectualization
    Intelligent robot operation and maintenance
  • Visualization
    7-by-24 hour monitoring center