Build sd-wan intelligent network
to help intelligent education
Gigabit network, multi network integration, wireless full coverage, meet interactive teaching
Program overview
Digital education network solutions

With the popularization of intelligent education, according to the needs of many school application teaching systems, complex networks and poor expansibility, Guanglian provides SD Wan intelligent network services, builds a highly available network, realizes multi network integration, full WiFi coverage and unified management of minimalist architecture, and then ensures the network experience of remote teaching, online classroom interaction, remote AR and other scenarios.

Program features
  • Optimize line costs
    Sd-wan upgrades the underlying multi branch data interconnection network, optimizes the original line, reduces expenses, deploys efficiently and rapidly, and improves the on-line rate of branch business scenarios.
  • Building high-availability networks
    Access to the global backbone network of optical link, multi cloud and multi network, combined with 4G / 5G, lay high-speed Internet special network channels, wireless full coverage, and ensure the stability of key application systems such as live courses and distance learning in enterprises.
  • Real-time monitoring operation and maintenance
    The one-stop network monitoring and operation and maintenance service of optical network reduces the working pressure of IT personnel and saves the cost of operation and maintenance.
Solution architecture
Program value
  • 33%
    33% improvement in Wan management efficiency
  • 45%
    App latency reduced by 45%
  • 30%
    Management efficiency increased by 30%
  • 40%
    40% lower operating costs
Benchmarking cases
Danet education-Fnetlink century Benchmark Case
Based on the current network situation of Dane education, Fnetlink customized MPLS intelligent networking to help Dane education optimize the original network structure, enhance the interconnection ability of branch online educational information communication, further support the normal development of various educational application scenarios, promote the integration of teaching and information technology, and accelerate digital transformation.
New Oriental-Fnetlink century Benchmark Case
Faced with the continuous integration of science and technology and education, Fnetlink provides fast sd-wan services for New Oriental, helps the group improve the access speed of SaaS services, thus improving the overall teaching innovation and practice, enabling global strategic layout and business expansion, and realizing the transformation and development of the group.
  • Trust
    Huawei's preferred MSP
  • Major
    Many to one system
  • Hassel free
    Exclusive Engineer Services
  • Standardization
    One-stop implementation services
  • Intellectualization
    Intelligent robot operation and maintenance
  • Visualization
    7-by-24 hour monitoring center