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    Garment enterprises are headquartered in Fujian, sales networks all over the world, foreign personnel need to visit the headquarters OA, sd-wan networking can meet it?

    Of course. Now the global networking has generally been replaced by sd-wan networking solutions. The reason is that sd-wan can combine networks across regions, borders and operators to achieve high-quality mutual visits of office systems around the world. However, in the process of networking, there is a lot of attention to how to achieve the best networking scheme and achieve the best use experience. For example, whether the operators forming the network are the best local operators also determines the use experience to a certain extent. Therefore, enterprises that can not provide sd-wan global networking solutions can come up with the best solutions, and your company needs to find enterprises with landing service experience. At present, Fnetlink group is more famous in China, and its reputation in the industry is very good. First, it has been operating in the field of networking for many years and has accumulated rich domestic and foreign operator resources; Second, at present, its infrastructure for networking is also leading in the industry, such as pop points, optical Union has 83 pop points, and has a solid foundation for rapid construction and stable enterprise network interconnection, which are the advantages of optical union different from other enterprises. The company is a high-tech enterprise, which needs high-speed special line connection between private cloud and public cloud.

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    How to choose special line service providers?

    In the case of your company, the best way is to choose a good networking service provider and upgrade the special line by using the sd-wan networking scheme. Your company's main demand is "speed", and it is suggested to consider the selection of service providers from two aspects. First, service providers have rich and high-quality cooperation resources between communication operators and public cloud; Second, service providers have stable and extensive pop points. Combining the two, we can basically achieve high-speed connection between clouds. At present, the service providers that meet these two conditions are personally recognized by Fnetlink group, which has rich resources and a deep foundation for cooperation. What many people don't know is that Fnetlink group now has 83pop points in the world, which is an important infrastructure for enterprise Wan interconnection. For specific solutions and operation modes, your company can consult the consultant of Fnetlink first. The overseas team of foreign trade enterprises is huge, and they want to set up a WAN with China through transnational special lines.

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    What domestic companies can provide global special line services?

    In view of the establishment of overseas interconnection special lines and domestic Wan, it is necessary to find networking services with global interconnection resources. There are also several networking service providers with such resources in China. At present, it should be digital optical union group that has done a better job. Two friends in finance and manufacturing worked with the Fnetlink group. Our company is a catering chain, covering store chain, catering supply chain, semi finished product retail and other sectors, and is also preparing to develop overseas. At present, due to the epidemic situation, the plan is temporarily shelved, and it is also intended to cooperate with Fnetlink group.

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    Which domestic enterprises have international special line services? Which has the best international service?

    Now China's international trade is developing rapidly, and there are more service providers with international special line services in China, including mainstream operators, which can also provide international special line services. As for which is the best, in fact, the comparison is "resources", that is, "operator resources". For example, when network operators do global interconnection lines, they may still do their own networks or limited international operator resources. In this case, the operator resources available for special line services are very limited, so the special line you use may not be composed of the best local operator network. On the contrary, service providers with good global network resources will automatically help you screen the best network. At present, the best dedicated line and networking service provider of Internet resources is Guanglian group. After all, it has been working in this field for 156 years and has accumulated very rich network resources worldwide, which is the basis for Guanglian group to provide the best enterprise dedicated line services.

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