Shenzhen central enterprise group applies Fnetlink SD-WAN to accelerate digital transformation

In recent years, driven by emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing, the traditional business ecosystem is facing changes, and digital transformation has become the only way for the development of many industries. In line with the trend, the central state-owned enterprise group is actively promoting the deep integration of new generation intelligence and information technology with business, building a digital industry innovation ecosystem, helping to drive the intelligent transformation of diversified industries, thereby accelerating its digitalization process.

Project Background


A central state-owned enterprise is a diversified industrial group. The industrial layout covers five major sectors: big consumption, big health, urban construction and operation, energy services, technology and finance, involving more than 20 industries such as retail, beverages, electricity, cement, gas, and medicine. . As the group gradually implements the "14th Five-Year Plan" development strategy, it will continue to strengthen innovation leadership, optimize resource allocation, and cultivate and consolidate core industries. In the face of a new round of scientific and technological revolution and accelerated evolution of industrial transformation, the group needs to improve the management efficiency of the headquarters, strengthen group management and control and give full play to the value creation of the headquarters, and also need to improve the efficiency of industrial operations, so as to realize the integration of the front, middle and back offices, the coordination of various channels, and the coordination of various branches. The linked business process is efficient and smooth, further promoting business expansion and transformation innovation.

Complying with digitalization, network upgrade is at the right time

In order to better promote the digital development of the group's business and the orderly development of branch projects at all levels, the group needs to fully optimize the existing WAN architecture of 27 branches, reduce line investment, achieve unified management, and improve IT operation and maintenance efficiency. In order to further consolidate the group's underlying information infrastructure, and promote the group's intelligent development and digital transformation work.

According to the network requirements of the central state-owned enterprise, Fnetlink tailors SD-WAN network solutions for it based on its complex original network and multi-operator access status. The initial investment of the solution is low, and it can be compatible with and manage the original input lines, quickly realize the optimization and upgrading of the WAN architecture of 27 subsidiaries, and build a new intelligent network environment that is safe, stable, fast and convenient. At the same time, the maximization of network utilization and efficiency further guarantees the data sharing and transmission of the group's infrastructure, helps enterprises reduce IT costs, improves operation and maintenance efficiency, and helps the group explore a digital transformation path that suits its own characteristics.

Deploy SD-WAN to realize the standardized upgrade of 27 branch network architectures

Compatible with multiple links, optimizing line costs: Customized SD-WAN networking solutions that combine multi-operator Internet and MPLS, compatible with multiple types of link access, and unified management, low initial investment, can reduce line costs.

Localized deployment, standardized delivery: Professional implementation teams across the country can provide local door-to-door installation and implementation services, fast installation and deployment, and standardized delivery for 27 branches of the central state-owned enterprise within one month.


Decentralization of rights and domains, multi-tenant isolation: support multi-tenant mode, support multi-tenant networking, Fnetlink as an MSP agent maintenance management of each profit center network, that is, the data level and management level of each sub-brand company are mutually invisible and uncontrollable .

International standard encryption function: the scheme conforms to the national "Encore" policy and supports national secrets SM3 and SM4.

Automated operation and maintenance, exclusive butler service: Fnetlink provides 7x24h timely fault alarm active operation and maintenance services for the group network, and provides robust, safe and reliable network support for the development of the group's various businesses in real time.

Landing services to help the group accelerate transformation

In the new torrent of industrial transformation, facing the changes in the internal and external environment, the central state-owned enterprise actively embraced the new generation of information technology. By enabling the Fnetlink SD-WAN service, it reshaped the overall network architecture system, reduced line costs, and improved network quality. and efficiency, further driving innovation breakthroughs and industrial structure adjustments in its business, management, products, services and business models. At the same time, the high-quality network experience of SD-WAN has effectively promoted the Group to explore new models, incubate new formats, cultivate new industries, shape new core competitiveness, and accelerate the digital transformation and intelligent development of various industries.

At present, Fnetlink has successfully designed SD-WAN networking solutions for several central state-owned enterprise groups, and effectively reduced the group's line and operation and maintenance costs. In addition, Fnetlink's managed operation and maintenance and exclusive butler service create the ultimate network use and operation and maintenance experience, laying a solid network foundation for its digital transformation. Now that the Internet is closed, Fnetlink is also continuously strengthening the security and compliance of intelligent network services, and further helping central state-owned enterprise groups to improve the convergence of Internet entrances and exits and achieve new development.

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