Guanglian has become a member of the SD-WAN+ Xinchuang "pilot" program of the Information and Communication Institute, and works together to help the development of the SD-WAN industry

On the afternoon of May 27, the 2024 SD-WAN+ Xinchuang "Pilot" program launch meeting initiated by the computing Network Integration research team of the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology was successfully held. As a senior MSP network management service provider who has been deeply engaged in the wide area network field for more than 20 years, Guanglian has achieved positive results in helping enterprises achieve digital transformation with secure, stable and fast enterprise intelligent simple network technology solutions and operation and maintenance services, and has become a member of the SD-WAN+ "pioneer" plan and has joined hands with the ICT Institute to help the development of the SD-WAN industry.

With the promotion of the digital transformation of various vertical industries in China, the digitalization, computing and intelligence of information communication networks will become the inevitable choice for the high-quality development of the industry. As a core technology and innovative network application in the ICT field, SD-WAN has become a key link to help build a "computing application + end + network + cloud". In this context, light link has become a member of the SD-WAN+ "pioneer" plan, which is not only highly recognized by the organizing committee of the conference for the excellent technology research and development strength of light link, excellent enterprise network services and perfect customer operation and maintenance service management system, but also marks the service strength of light link leading SD-WAN to a new level.
Since its establishment in 2003, the optical Link Century has deployed 208 POP nodes in 300+ cities around the world, achieving millisecond access of 10ms at home and 20ms overseas, and guaranteeing 99.99% network availability. The technical team distributed throughout the country can quickly plan the network architecture of the enterprise according to the individual needs of customers, and formulate network solutions for the problems related to network services. The century of Light has 2100 service points around the world, and can quickly arrange the project implementation and complete delivery within 10 days. In addition, the company has a 7×24×365 all-day network operation and monitoring center, where engineers can provide minute-level active operation and maintenance and fault timely response services with SLA service quality assurance, and strive to become customers' exclusive network operation and maintenance manager. It is the excellence of service quality that has also allowed Guanglian to gain up to 99.99% customer satisfaction.
In the future, the company will join hands with the Information and Communication Institute, continue to give full play to its high-quality resource endowment, constantly rely on innovative technology to consolidate the digital base of cloud network security, upgrade SD-WAN product solutions, improve service levels and continue to work for the digital transformation of the industry, through the power of network services to let industry customers feel the ingenuity of service and network quality.

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