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Guanglian attended CPG 2024 11th China Consumer Digital Technology Conference to help Suizhi New retail

On April 18-19, 2024, CPG 2024 11th China Consumer Digital Technology Conference was successfully held in Guangzhou. As a leading enterprise intelligent network service provider, Guanglian was invited to attend together with 300+ well-known enterprise executives, CIOs, Cdos, IT leaders and other guest leaders in the consumer goods industry. Centering on the theme of "integration and leapfrog", the conference will explore the future digital opportunities of the consumer goods industry in depth and build new advantages for the development and efficiency of the industry.

Consumer goods and retail industry trends and challenges

With the promotion of the new generation of digital technologies and the acceleration of the development of the digital economy, the digitalization of the retail consumer goods industry has gradually entered the "deep water zone". Retail enterprises are eager to complete the transformation of digital and intelligent, but how to plan the foundation of this transformation - network? Most retail enterprises need to solve the problem first.

Take a global leading retail chain brand as an example. With the rapid growth of the number of stores, the physical dedicated line +IPSec VPN access mode currently adopted by the chain retail enterprise has problems such as long delivery cycle and high interconnection cost. The real-time interactive data transmission of key businesses such as surveillance video, shipment volume, inventory and turnover between each store and the headquarters and each store is congested, which seriously affects the efficient development of business; The number of branches is large and scattered, the implementation and delivery is difficult, the consumption cost is greater than the equipment procurement cost, most of the branches do not configure IT personnel, the problem needs to be handled remotely by the headquarters, the recovery cycle is long, and the response speed is slow.

Cloud Fuzhi - light union consumer goods industry network security integration solution

At this China Consumer Digital Technology Conference, the consumer goods industry network security integration solution was unveiled in the exhibition area, which is based on the existing optical link services (global networking, network operation and maintenance) : F-LINK (terminal access security), AI firewall (border security), security services (security operation and maintenance). And proposed to create an intelligent network connection foundation for the retail industry, consumer industry application on the cloud, to ensure the national (global) distributed warehouse center cloud line high availability; Realize zero trust access of mobile office to ensure security, convenience and stability; Ensure endpoint security of upstream and downstream suppliers accessing public cloud applications and protect customer data; For mobile office in overseas markets, to ensure that backbone resources are accessible. Through in-depth sharing and discussion, we will analyze the new trends of retail from multiple perspectives, drive enterprises to innovate and break through, and help retail digital new business.

Service program highlights:

Secure cloud access
Backbone network and public cloud connectivity: high-speed access to cloud services can be achieved through vCPE or cloud dedicated lines
AI firewall: Automatically blocks known threats and identifies unknown threats

High-speed access
Intelligent acceleration and routing: A high-performance backbone network is used for intelligent routing and high-speed access
F-LINK: Mobile office users access the SDP Server nearby and use the optical link global backbone network to implement intelligent accelerated access services

Unified management
SD-WAN networking: Branches use CPE devices to access the optical backbone network and connect to the headquarters
Network Security Operations Center NSOC: manages LAN/WAN/AI firewalls at the same time to achieve unified network security management and control

Compliance guarantee
Security Service (MSSP) : entrusting Light Link to assist enterprises in viewing, evaluating and cooperating with security threat incidents
Intelligent operation and maintenance: The overall service compliance is guaranteed
From enterprise network architecture design and solutions to network operation and maintenance deployment and after-sales service, Guangliancentury provides users with a complete set of one-stop services, helping retail consumer goods enterprises with flexible interconnection of supply chain, warehousing and logistics, office area, smart stores and other branches, optimizing cloud business experience, realizing cloud network security integration, and creating high-quality network experience. Deepen the digital development of retail business.

Retail steady growth, choose light link

Under the tide of digitalization, as a veteran MSP network management service provider who has been deeply engaged in the wide area network for more than 20 years, Guanglian Century has always been customer-oriented, helping retail enterprises to create smart stores, smart retail, and smart operations, thereby helping retail enterprises develop, which is also the mission of Guanglian to help industrial upgrading. Even insurance, automobile, medicine, technology, manufacturing, real estate and other industries digital transformation practice.
Adhering to the concept of customer first, the company has established a private fiber optic backbone network covering 208 POP points and central computer rooms in 300+ cities around the world, which has won the support and trust of many enterprise customers and partners. With a strong backbone line resource integration ability, senior technology research and development strength and network operation and maintenance service ability, to provide enterprises with safe, stable and fast enterprise intelligent simple network technology solutions and operation and maintenance services, to help enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, accelerate digital transformation.
The company has three major resource and service advantages: First, the resource service capability, the company deployed 208 POP nodes in 300+ cities around the world fiber backbone resource network, to achieve domestic 10ms, overseas 20ms millisecond access, network availability guarantee of 99.99%; Second, the technical service ability, according to customer needs, quickly plan the enterprise's network architecture, and formulate network solutions for network service related problems, the century of light in the world set up 2100 service points, can quickly arrange the project implementation and complete delivery within 10 days; Third, network security operation and maintenance capabilities, optical link set up a global NOC+SOC center, 7*24 hours real-time monitoring of network operation and maintenance, to provide rapid response and troubleshooting services.

Today, in the era of digital economy, the digital transformation of the retail industry is also deepening. Facing the future, Guanglian Century will continue to work with partners, continue to deepen the retail industry, help retail enterprises to enhance hard strength and achieve new growth. By participating in this conference, Guanglian will continue to improve its service level in the future and help more retail to realize the innovation of digital intelligent transformation!

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