Guanglian Century was awarded the "Potential Technology Enterprise" certification by Macau Economic and Technology Development Council

In line with the "1+4" strategy of the Macao SAR Government to accelerate the development of high-tech industries, the Macao Economic and Technology Development Council launched the "Technology Enterprise Certification Scheme" in 2023, and officially awarded certificates to the award-winning enterprises at the Lotus Hall of the World Trade Center yesterday. The scheme identifies qualified technology enterprises in Macao through an evaluation system. Guanglian Century won the "potential technology enterprise" certification.

▲The picture shows the confirmation list of the technology enterprise certification scheme announced by Macao Economic and Technology Development Bureau, and Guanglian Century Technology Co., Ltd. has been certified as a "potential technology enterprise".

As a local communication technology company in Macao, Guangliang has been deeply engaged in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area for more than 20 years, always based on the development strategy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and has signed industry-university-research cooperation agreements with major universities and colleges to carry out in-depth cooperation in communication technology, network technology solutions, smart city construction, and scientific and technological talent training. It is committed to helping enterprises create an efficient, safe and intelligent network communication environment, build a digital intelligent network operation platform, and realize digital innovation. In SD-WAN networking, LAN-WAN convergence, cloud network security integration, cloud network integration and other enterprise wide area network solution products have more than 2000+ large and medium-sized enterprise customers, covering insurance, automotive, pharmaceutical, technology, manufacturing, real estate, retail and other industries.

With its own optical fiber private backbone network, the optical fiber backbone resource network of 208 POP nodes has been deployed in 300+ cities around the world to achieve millisecond access of 10ms at home and 20ms overseas, and the network availability guarantee has reached 99.99%. According to customer needs, quickly plan the enterprise's network architecture, and formulate network solutions for network service related problems. With 2100 service points around the world, Guanglian Century can quickly arrange project implementation and complete delivery within 10 days; Opto-link Global NOC+SOC Center with intelligent network monitoring system provides uninterrupted 7x24 hours of operation and maintenance support and immediate fault response services, reducing network operation and maintenance costs for enterprises and improving network management efficiency.

Next, the company will take this certification as an opportunity to continue to provide high-quality network management services for the digital and global development of enterprises, help more enterprises to deploy high-speed, secure, agile and intelligent communication networks, and help enterprises to build information and communication capabilities and the development of digital economy. We will continue to promote the diversified development of Macao's economy with higher quality communications products and services, and accelerate the integration of communications between Macao and the Greater Bay Area.

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