Sun Zhibin: Guanglian and Huawei to create a new MSP cooperation paradigm

On May 10, the 2024 Huawei Commercial Market Data Communication New Product Promotion Conference held by Huawei was successfully held. The event focused on the field of data communication, and partners and product experts from many industries gathered together to share rich dry goods.

As Huawei SD-WAN's first certification level service partner was invited to participate in the sharing meeting, Sun Zhibin, technical director of Optical Link, delivered a keynote speech "Introduction to Optical Link Asset-light, fully managed service Mode", deeply analyzed the trend pain points of multi-branch networking and SASE network security integration scenarios, and shared optical Link asset-light, fully managed service mode.

With the advent of the digital economy era, enterprise customers' requirements for network transmission gradually tend to be high-speed, cloud-based, secure, software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) will also face new technological innovation, new technological development brings new development opportunities, light Union hopes to play a longboard effect between partners, forming a 1+1>2 cooperation model, Opticallink works with Huawei and many partners to create an MSP asset-light service model. The SD-WAN integrated service solution deployed by Opticallink can provide customers with 99.99% available network access and 7x24x365 monitoring and operation and maintenance services. This model has significant value in reducing enterprise costs, improving operation and maintenance efficiency, and increasing customer service stickability. Together with Huawei and partners from all walks of life, Guanglian has promoted asset-light service solutions, which have gradually landed in many industries such as central enterprises, finance, real estate, chain stores and supermarkets, and manufacturing, bringing customers more high-speed, reliable and stable network services and helping customers with digital transformation.

At the sharing meeting, Sun Zhibin focused on sharing the following two scenes

Scenario 1: Multi-branch SD-WAN networking

As a leading enterprise network intelligent management service (MSP) vendor, Optronic works with Huawei to develop a solution for multi-branch networking scenarios: the best product + the best service. In scenarios where bandwidth expansion, branch expansion, additional backup links, service migration to the cloud, and critical service experience cannot be guaranteed, the SD-WAN+MSP service deployment can effectively solve the above problems. The advantages are as follows: First, give full play to the underlying resources of SD-WAN pooling, introduce low-cost links, and reduce bandwidth costs through application identification and policy routing, solve the problems of high cost and low efficiency of customer networks, and ensure access experience; Second, SD-WAN through the concept of transfer control separation, the control part is stripped from the device and centralized to the cloud controller to achieve global unified coordination and control, effectively simplifying the complex network structure, difficult to operate and maintain, difficult to find fault points and other problems; Third, through the light-asset MSP, the deployment of fully managed service solutions can greatly help the host enterprise to build and operate a complex network, and provide professional, worry free and efficient network services for enterprise customers.

Scenario 2: SASE network security converged service solution

The deployment of SD-WAN will accelerate the cloud of the network, and will also increase the elasticity and flexibility of the network, but various security problems are gradually exposed to the field of view after the network is opened. The security of network application and data is not guaranteed, and it is easy to be attacked. Network security cannot interwork policies, resulting in complex policies and difficult fault location. New cyber threats are becoming more prevalent, and organizations need to invest more in professionals to prevent, detect, and respond to security incidents.

In response to the above pain points, the optical link integrates SD-WAN with border, terminal security and fully managed network security operation and maintenance services to form a real landing network security fusion service, mainly reflected in the following four points: First, on the basis of the underlying network of SD-WAN, the integration of zero trust SDP gateway to provide high-speed security connection for global remote office; Second, the use of firewalls to achieve branch border protection, virus database real-time update, to ensure digital applications; Third, provide rich experience and professional team, shorten the project cycle, and quickly deploy the site online; 4. 7x24 hours professional team +AI automated managed operation and maintenance services, build a service system for rapid response to network and security incidents, and reduce the fixed cost of enterprise operation and maintenance. Through this solution to achieve unified network planning, construction and hosting, reduce costs and increase efficiency, improve network quality and security, and protect customer business.

Advantages of MSP Service provider:

In order to ensure the feasibility of the above solutions, OpTO's own optical fiber private backbone network has deployed 208 POP nodes of optical fiber backbone resource network in 300+ cities around the world to achieve millisecond access of 10ms at home and 20ms overseas, and the network availability guarantee has reached 99.99%. According to customer needs, quickly plan the enterprise's network architecture, and formulate network solutions for network service related problems. With 2100 service points around the world, Guanglian Century can quickly arrange project implementation and complete delivery within 10 days; Opto-link Global NOC+SOC Center with intelligent network monitoring system provides uninterrupted 7x24 hours of operation and maintenance support and immediate fault response services, reducing network operation and maintenance costs for enterprises and improving network management efficiency.

In the future, under the "Partner + Huawei" open cooperation system, Guanglian looks forward to working with Huawei and partners in various industries to continue to work together, continue to explore and innovate, create a new paradigm of MSP cooperation, provide more comprehensive and high-quality network services for enterprise customers to accelerate digital transformation, promote win-win cooperation in the information service industry through cooperation, and build a new chapter of joint advantages in industry services.

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