Selecting Fnetlink
Customer key point
  • Business expansion
    Yifang Pharmaceutical has many industrial parks,
    New network system needs to be laid out
  • Network architecture
    The original network lacks backup lines,
    Risk of single point of failure
  • Connection quality
    Real time medical system
    Network quality is required to be improved.
  • Network management
    Each branch of the Group is unable
    to achieve unified strategy management
Network solutions
Sd-wan smart network solutions
  • Cost-effective solutions
    Customized optimal networking scheme ensures high reliable quality of lines and meets the needs of safe and stable transmission of business data in many industrial parks of Yifang pharmaceutical.
  • Local on-site service
    With the one-stop network deployment of optical network, the local technical service team provides on-site services, which greatly shortens the opening cycle of enterprise outlets and improves the on-line rate of enterprises.
  • Optimal line access
    Provide the optimal line access design of branch outlets, cloud load balancing provides flexible business deployment, and realizes the high-speed interconnection of industrial parks.
  • Centralized control of outlets
    Network centralized monitoring and management, optical union SD-WAN cloud central control real time monitoring platform, centralized operation and maintenance management of branch equipment and links.
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Service highlights
  • Unified management
    Ensure the unified operation and maintenance management of headquarters and factory branches at multiple points, and further support the expansion of Yifang pharmaceutical business.
  • Promoting information infrastructure
    High-quality intelligent network system effectively promotes enterprises to improve information infrastructure and build flexible production workshops.
  • Real-time monitoring operation and maintenance
    The whole network monitors operation and maintenance, branches are safely and steadily interconnected, reduces the pressure of it operation and maintenance, and improves the work efficiency of enterprises.
  • Enhance group competitiveness
    Help to enhance the digital and intelligent level of Yifang pharmaceutical production process and improve the market competitiveness of enterprises.
Service value
  • 35%-50%
    Reduce application latency by 35%-50%
  • 33%-75%
    Improve the overall operation and maintenance efficiency by 33% - 75%
  • Save 38%-55%
    Of operating costs
  • Trust
    Huawei's preferred MSP
  • Major
    Many to one system
  • Hassel free
    Exclusive Engineer Services
  • Standardization
    One-stop implementation services
  • Intellectualization
    Intelligent robot operation and maintenance
  • Visualization
    7-by-24 hour monitoring center