Selecting Fnetlink
Customer key point
  • Information safety
    Due to the development of the group's technology and business
    Improved security and stability of connections
  • Access experience
    The group needs to optimize the data access experience to achieve technology
    Intranet control between technology network and management network
  • Mocha ITOM
    Business is not visible, manufacturing base branches are in real time
    Network operation and maintenance management is cumbersome and inefficient
  • It costs
    Traditional peer-to-peer special line, multi branch
    High deployment cost and low flexibility
Network solutions
Optical link SD-WAN intelligent network solution
  • Flexible networking and agile connection
    Support flexible access of hybrid links, provide networking solutions with optimal performance and price, and realize high-speed, stable and agile connection between the company's internal network and branch factories.
  • End to end active defense enhancements
    High-performance CPE has a secure active defense mechanism from end to end to ensure the safe transmission of data and information in business diversified application scenarios and break the information island.
  • Network redundancy for stability
    Equipment / line / network redundancy design has the function of rapid recovery after network failure or accident interruption to ensure the safety and stability of system operation.
  • Visual operation and maintenance, unified management
    The whole network alarm is monitored in real time and the topology state is visible to simplify operation and maintenance. Enterprises can obtain the status and performance information of stations and links in real time to improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance.
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Service highlights
  • Improve productivity
    Efficient and high-quality interconnection experience between IT architecture and manufacturing links to improve production efficiency.
  • Stimulating business innovation
    Intelligent network system, optimize the application experience of multi scenario manufacturing base, and stimulate the potential of business innovation.
  • Reduce it stress
    The whole network monitors operation and maintenance, branches are safely and steadily interconnected, reduces it pressure, and improves enterprise efficiency.
  • Unified resource scheduling
    Consolidate the foundation of informatization, realize the unified resource scheduling of production network system, and accelerate the new strategy of enterprise development.
Service value
  • Increase 35%-50%
    Wan management efficiency
  • Increase by 30%-80%
    Bandwidth availability
  • Save 38%-60%
    Operating costs
  • Trust
    Huawei's preferred MSP
  • Major
    Many to one system
  • Hassel free
    Exclusive Engineer Services
  • Standardization
    One-stop implementation services
  • Intellectualization
    Intelligent robot operation and maintenance
  • Visualization
    7-by-24 hour monitoring center