Enterprise Networking Service
Provide enterprises with on-demand interconnection between branches and branches, branches and data centers, branches and clouds, and reshape the enterprise network experience through application level intelligent routing and intelligent acceleration, vas business on-demand acquisition and intelligent operation and maintenance.
  • Multi cloud and multi network interconnection
  • Extreme line optimization
  • Professional operation and maintenance services
In order to better carry business diversity, SD branch can uniformly deploy, monitor and manage WAN side equipment, LAN side equipment and security equipment of enterprises, and help enterprises build a complete intelligent network to meet new challenges.
  • All wireless experience
  • All cloud management
  • All intelligent operation and maintenance
Cloud convergence
Fnetlink focuses on integrating the cloud and network of enterprises, and can provide customized solutions and consulting services for enterprises such as cloud on Web applications, network interconnection on cloud, Huawei cloud disaster recovery and Huawei cloud container cloud, so as to help enterprises achieve digital transformation.
  • One-on-one consulting
  • Professional planning
  • One-stop implementation
Cloud network security
Based on its own sd-wan network service capability advantages, combined with its own backbone network, pop points are smoothly upgraded to SDP server, combined with the cloud security capabilities of partners, to build a competitive SASE solution.
  • High sensitivity
  • Unified strategy
  • Application security
Traditional networking
Fnetlink has won the ISO20000 information technology service management system certification, which can provide professional and efficient high-quality network services for enterprise customers. For example, MPLS networking, IPSec networking, SSL networking, special line access, cloud special line, 4G / 5G mobile interconnection, etc.
  • Network design
  • Implementation follow-up
  • PMP standards
Value-added services
Optical network service is professional, with efficient process, complete system, senior team and reliable strength. According to the requirements of different enterprises, optical Union also provides WAN optimization, line services, IP services, IDC host hosting, network expert services, cloud management and so on.
  • Network optimization accelerates
  • QoS service
  • Intelligent DNS for quality of service
Industry / scenario solutions
Network solutions for central state-owned enterprises
Fnetlink sd-wan comprehensively optimizes and improves the informatization process of the unit group and the security protection capabilities of enterprises at all levels, reduces the cost of customer security transformation, achieves flat equipment management, improves the overall network operation and maintenance efficiency, and helps the Internet close.
  • Flat management
  • Safer data transmission
  • Network architecture upgrade
  • Real-time operation and maintenance
Benchmark cases
Digital retail network solutions
Combined with the trend of digital retail and the characteristics of strong flexibility and rapid expansion of chain industry, it provides one-stop rapid networking and deployment solutions for chain retail enterprises, and helps retail enterprises realize efficient interconnection between headquarters and branches.
  • Self built networking
  • LAN/LAN convergence
  • Unified management of network equipment
  • Simple operation and maintenance
Benchmark cases
Digital logistics network solutions
Optical link SD Wan can help logistics enterprises achieve 5g, WiFi and IOT integration, full coverage of wireless network in the park, and then create a high-availability, low latency private network to improve the quality of enterprise operation, improve work efficiency and reduce management costs.
  • Wireless network coverage
  • Link quality monitoring
  • Line unified management
  • Active fault alarm
Benchmark cases
Digital manufacturing network solutions
Based on the service experience of network communication in industrial manufacturing industry and the understanding of the integration of industrialization and industrialization, it provides customized networking and operation and maintenance services for all kinds of manufacturing enterprises, helps the information and digital construction of manufacturing enterprises, and then accelerates the pace of promoting industry 4.0 in China.
  • Key application guarantee
  • Production data security
  • Multi branch networking
  • Intelligent operation and maintenance
Benchmark cases
Digital pharmaceutical network solutions
In the face of the requirements of large bandwidth and high-quality data transmission applied in the pharmaceutical industry, the optical intelligent networking service has the characteristics of rapid deployment, easy expansion, wireless wi fi6 high-speed full coverage, network export multi link backup and so on, so as to build an intelligent network connection Foundation for pharmaceutical enterprises and help the industry realize service digitalization.
  • Diversified networking scenarios
  • Flexible network elasticity
  • Intelligent dual network and dual use
  • All-round operation and maintenance
Benchmark cases
Digital real estate network solutions
Combined with industry characteristics and flexible networking methods, it provides one-stop network solutions for real estate developers, construction sites and upstream suppliers, helps customers in the real estate industry quickly realize the deployment of new branches, and helps real estate digital intelligence integration through various links.
  • 4G & 5g networking
  • Zero contact deployment
  • Opens intelligent operation
  • Maintenance video network integration
Benchmark cases
Digital financial network solutions
Combined with the characteristics of industry demand and rich networking products and services, it provides cloud management end integrated solutions for banks, insurance, securities, Internet Finance and other customers, helps customers in the financial industry quickly achieve multi-point deployment, and meets the needs of rapid business development.
  • Multi element hybrid networking scenario
  • Centralized control of IT headquarters
  • Intelligent application diversion
  • Background visual operation and maintenance
Benchmark cases
Digital education network solutions
According to the needs of many application teaching systems, complex networks and poor expansibility, Guanglian provides sd-wan intelligent network services to realize multi network integration, full WiFi coverage and unified management of minimalist architecture, so as to ensure the teaching experience of remote teaching and online classroom interaction.
  • Multi cloud and network
  • Guarantee application experience
  • Rapid deployment
  • Integrated operation and maintenance
Benchmark cases
Digital education network solutions
At present, systems such as steady-state application systems, sensitive-state application systems, and crash tests/intelligent supercomputing systems in the automotive industry have high requirements for networks. Deploying SD-WAN can allocate different bandwidths for different services. When link congestion is supported, the bandwidth of each service can be guaranteed according to the allocation ratio, and the quality of key applications of car companies can be guaranteed.
  • Increased demand for car companies to use the cloud
  • There are many types of scene applications
  • AI-driven intelligent operation
  • The network is complex and requires large bandwidth
Benchmark cases
Global backbone
Cape Town
Ho Chi Minh City
Hong Kong
New York
Silicon valley
San Jose
Los Angeles
São Paulo
  • 208+
    POP node
  • 150+
    Technical engineer
  • 2100+
    Service point
  • 2000+
    Customer service
Fnetlink service concept
Let intelligent network services create value for customers and become a long-term trusted partner for customers
Services declaration
  • Pre sales: 100% landing plan
  • Delivery: 180 points record in 9 days
  • After-sales: 7 × 24h care
  • NOC:99.99% availability
  • Trust
    Huawei's preferred MSP
  • Major
    Many to one system
  • Hassel free
    Exclusive Engineer Services
  • Standardization
    One-stop implementation services
  • Intellectualization
    Intelligent robot operation and maintenance
  • Visualization
    7-by-24 hour monitoring center